Tuesday Jul 25, 2023

Поколението Z / Gen Z - За интимността и любовта

Автор: Радослав Чичев


Как младите хора говорят и преживяват любовните си взаимоотношения и интимните си връзки? Каква е промяната на ролите между мъжете и жените в интимните им отношенията?


Гергана Ненова, доктор по социология и преподавател в Софийския университет “Св. Климент Охридски”, и Илияна Василева, студент по социология. Те са част от изследователския екип по проекта „Култури, практики и рискове на интимността на младите хора в България”.


Title: Gen Z about intimacy and love

Author: Radoslav Chichev



How do young people talk about and experience their romantic and intimate relationships? In this episode of the Generation Z series, we ask how the young are different from previous generations. What is the change related to digital and economic realities? Do they want to get married or prefer open relationships? What is the contradiction between culture and society? What is the transformation of the roles between men and women in their intimate relationships? We try to answer these and other questions together with our interlocutors: Gergana Nenova, PhD in sociology and lecturer at SU and Iliana Vasileva, student of sociology. They are part of the research team on the project “Cultures, practices and risks of intimacy among young people in Bulgaria”.

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