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Поколението Z / Gen Z - ЛГБТИ - човешки права и хомофобия

Автор: Мартин Николов




В България хората от ЛГБТИ общността са подложени на системна омраза, подклаждана и от политическите субекти, а ситуацията в малките населени места е още по-тежка.




Лия, България, 22 години

Цветан, България, 23 години

Робин, България, 20 години

Данил, Русия, бежанец

Симеон Василев, активист за човешки права и председател на фондация „ГЛАС”

Владислав Петков, защитник на човешките права

Роуз, Западна Фландрия (RTBF)

Лауренциу, Румъния, 23 години, понастоящем във Франция (RTBF)



Title: LGBTQ - human rights and homophobia


Author: Martin Nikolov




An average of 70 reports of homophobia per year are filed on the "We Are Tolerant" platform. However, the reports are mainly anonymous. In cases where they are not anonymous, foundations that work with the LGBTQ community provide legal support and the possibility of reporting to the police.


In Bulgaria, people from the LGBTQ community are subjected to systematic hatred. It is also fueled by political entities. Most often, hate speech is heard in schools and in families, the data show. It turns out that Bulgarians are not such a tolerant people. Or rather, our tolerance depends on our inner needs.


And while in big cities the "different people" are accepted better, the situation in small settlements is a little different, although the cases cannot be put under a common directions.




Lia, Bulgaria, 22 years old

Tsvetan, Bulgaria, 23 years old

Robin, Bulgaria, 20 years old

Danil, Russia, refugee

Simeon Vasilev, human rights activist and chairman of the GLAS Foundation

Vladislav Petkov, human rights defender

Rose, West Flanders (RTBF)

Laurenciu, Romania, 23, currently in France (RTBF)

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