Tuesday Sep 27, 2022

Поколението Z / Gen Z - Равнопоставени ли са двата пола на работното място

Автор: Виктор Бистрев

Какво се наблюдава в момента на пазара на труда? Kaква може да бъде разликата между половете на работното място? В придобиването на образователна степен, на знания и на умения?

Има ли разлика при мъжете и жените в заплащането за едни и същи позиции?

Какви са настоящите стереотипи в обществото, за да има полово неравенство?

Имат ли жените в момента равен достъп до пазара на труда и до ръководни позиции?

По какъв начин бизнесът трябва се противопостави на проблема с разликите в заплащането между жените и мъжете?

Какви трябва да бъдат законодателните мерки за отстраняване на половото неравенство?

Как половото неравенство може да провокира сексуален тормоз на работното място?

Отговорите на тези въпроси ще научите тук в подкаста „Поколението Z“.

Ще чуете мненията на:

✅ Анджела Иванова и Гергана Станчева - млади жени предприемачи, основатели на иновативно зелено бизнес начинание

✅ Алекс и Теодор, скоро завършили 12 клас ученици, които работят на пълен работен ден в сферата на ресторантьорството

✅ Tea Ярц, обучител на свободна практика, фасилитатор и президент на профсъюза Youth Plus - Sindikat Mladi plus в Словения

ЕNG: Are both genders equal in the workplace?

What could be the gender gap in the workplace? Is there a difference in positions, a difference in pay, a difference in obtaining an educational degree, knowledge and skills. You will learn the answers to these questions in this episode of the "Generation Z" podcast.

We asked what recently graduated students who would like to realize themselves in the field of entrepreneurship observe on the labour market. Alex and Theodore are currently working full-time in the restaurant industry.
We will hear from young female entrepreneurs, founders of an innovative business venture with international recognition since their revolutionary idea makes printing and the entire printing industry greener and more sustainable forever. We asked Gergana Stancheva and Angela Ivanova, founders of LAM'ON - manufacturer of biodegradable laminating film and packaging foil, what they observe on the labour market. They speak mostly as employers about: What are the current stereotypes observed in the society? Do the women have equal rights in the labour market? What measures could the business implement in order to prevent the difference between the salaries of man and women? Are women underrepresented in leadership positions? What should be the legislate measures to eliminate the gender inequalities? How can gender inequality provoke sexual harassment in the workplace?

Tea Jarc is a freelance trainer and facilitator and President at Trade Union Youth Plus - Sindikat Mladi plus in Slovenia. According to her, young people in Slovenia are facing numerous discriminations. Young women are often targeted in job advertisements. Even the advertisements themselves are sometimes written for only one gender, even though the law stipulates that advertisements must be neutral and available to all genders, but for example some company would prefer a female waitress or librarian or saleswoman. On the other hand, we can also see that men are preferred for more technical and scientific jobs. There, women simply feel this discrimination, a kind of contempt and doubt about their abilities for these types of professions.

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