Tuesday Mar 07, 2023

Поколението Z / Gen Z - Oще веднъж за отношението към тялото

Автор: Оля Стоянова


Младите хора днес живеят все повече в дигиталния свят, където се сблъскват с перефектни изображения, често грубо манипулирани, нереални и затова още по-привлекателни. За това има ли начин за успешно избягване на капаните на неудовлетвореността говорим с Анет Маринова, училищен психолог, и с млади хора от София. Включваме и мнението на Ругиле Буткевичуте, експерт по равенство между половете от Центъра за борба с трафика и експлоатацията на хора в Литва.


Author: Olya Stoyanova


Today young people live more and more in the digital world, where they are faced with perfect images, often manipulated, unreal and attractive. At a time when social networks often show us highly distorted views of reality, young people have different ideas of how their bodies should look.

When are young people successful? When are they beautiful? And whether their bodies fit the images social media imposes – these are big, and often painful, topics.

Psychologists talk about the unsatisfied expectations of young people towards their bodies and low self-esteem. At the same time, they raise the topic of the cult of the perfect body, which is subject to all kinds of improvements and filters. Another interesting phenomenon is observed - after years of social isolation, more and more people spend a lot of time in the digital world, where they lose the feeling of their physical bodies.

Is there a way to successfully avoid the traps of this dissatisfaction and is there a type of idealization of the body imposed by social networks? Participants: Annette Marinova, a school psychologist, students and young people from Sofia, Bulgaria, and Rugile Butkevičute from Lithuania, co-founder of “Ribologija”.

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